Idhaya Illam
Idhaya Illam is a secured shelter for students, hygenically prepared food served by kind-hearted Sisters.


Rules & Regulations

1.      A declaration agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel has to be signed by the students and countersigned by the parent/guardian.

2.      On admission, the student will be allotted a room by the hostel authorities. These allocations to the room shall be subject to change at any time, for administrative reasons. Students shall occupy only the rooms allotted by the authority and shall not shift to any other room of their choice.

3.      On allocation of the room, the student is to take possession of the room, furniture and fittings and ensure that everything is the occupant immediately.

4.      Dismissal or suspension from the college will entail automatic dismissal or suspension from the hostel also.

5.      Before vacating the hostel, students are required to remove all their personal belongings and hand over furniture and other items entrusted to them in good condition, to the hostel authorities. They are required to leave all the electrical fittings in their rooms intact.

6.      Ragging is a criminal offence. It is prohibited. Those found committing any act of ragging will be dismissed from the hostel and college.

7.      Students are not allowed to write or paste anything on the walls, windows, or doors in the room or deface them in any way. Posters of any kind are not to be affixed on walls or in any other place. However, calendars without pictures are permitted.

8.      Meetings of any kind can be organized only with the prior permission of the Wardens. Any kind of wild, noisy and disturbing celebrations are strictly forbidden in the Hostel.

9.      Students are not expected to be in the hostel during class hours without the permission of the concerned authority.

10.    Students are advised to receive telephone calls on Saturdays and Sundays and on other days as scheduled. Incoming telephone calls after 10pm for any reasons other than emergencies will not be allowed.

11.    Students who want go to the college after college hours are expected to obtain permission from the Chief Warden.

Normally it is advised that the student is accompanied by an authorized escort while leaving the campus. For this, parents of the students shall give the names of visitors/ escorts to the wardens along with their passport size photos for preparation of escort cards.
In case, the parents desire that their ward may be allowed to leave the campus on her own or a group of girl students during the permitted periods on holidays then they may fill the escort form and sent it to the Wardens.
Personal Reasons: 
The students may avail themselves of hostel leave, whenever they leave the hostel for any reason. Application should be submitted beforehand.
Students are allowed to go home once a month during the weekends. 
The hostel leave application which is required for overnight halts, should always contain the date and the time of departure and arrival.
Students who are leaving the campus should return back to the hostel by 6.00pm a day before. 
The Chief Warden is empowered to sanction the hostel leave for non working hours & weekends and holidays.

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